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Five Out Of Five Cats Don't Care It's Your Birthday
I Suck At Apologies So Unfuck You Or Whatever
Tits Your Birthday
Thoughtful Birthday Present
Wishing You A Puurfect Birthday
You're Gonna Figure It Out Like You Always Do
Let Me Punch Them
Sweary Let Me Punch Them
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Come On; You Knew This Was Gonna Be Late
Here's A Sack Of My Breath
You're Doing It Wrong But I Love You Anyways
You're A Perfect Fit
Your Hand Looks Heavy Let Me Hold It For You
You Turn Me On
Mouthy Broad You Turn Me On
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You're The Window To My Wall
Weed Mom Like A Regular Mom Just Higher
Congrats On Untying The Knot
Love You Till I Don't
Sorry I called You Old, Thought You Knew
Well This Fucking Sucks Sorry
Sorry Your Kid Is A Petri Dish Get Well Soon
Santa Doesn't Believe In You Either
Rawr Heart Dinosaur
Animals Rawr Heart Dinosaur
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Pussies Belong Together
You're The Peanut Butter To My Jelly
Party Hard
Animals Party Hard
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You Are Old AF But Still A Snack
No, You Hang Up
Mouthy Broad No, You Hang Up
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I'm Yours No Refunds
Nice Cock
Mouthy Broad Nice Cock
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I Find You Mildly Appeeling
Meow's It Going
Animals Meow's It Going
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Love You To The Moon
Love You More Don't Argue