Love Letters For Mouthy Broads

Your mind is a fucking masterpiece. 

You connect dots that read like scribbles to others when they’re actually the notes of a whole ass symphony. 

Your imagination is a POWERHOUSE for good, creativity, justice, + world-shaping ideas. You believe in things that matter. You know there’s always a better way. You think in color + language + images + sounds that paint hope across the canvases of human hearts.

Including your own.

You’re brilliant.

And yet sometimes you experience the flipside of that brilliance – where trauma, anxiety, depression, + a host of other “flipsides” spend their time speaking as loudly as they can.

This is ok. So are you. Let them chatter.

Sometimes they have things to say that you need to hear – where their voices lead little by little to more + more of your healing, heartbeat, + loud AF hope.

Remember that YOUR voice is ALWAYS the loudest + the clearest – so don’t be afraid to give your mind a PIECE of your mind every now and then too.

Here’s to having the audacity to be BRAZEN in how good you are to yourself.

Here’s to thinking HIGHLY of your own mind + all its ups, downs, twists, + turns.

Here’s to knowing that through it all, your brain is fucking bodacious. 

Here’s to loving you for YOU.


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