Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space

Getting Started

When first opening Cricut Design Space, you’ll be taken to the Welcome Screen.

From here, you will click the green New Project button in the top right corner.

This is the first step to any new Cricut project.

Print + Cut Area

Cricut Shapes

Your new project will begin with a blank Canvas. The Canvas is where you will design and layout the project you are making.

Before you begin adding your stickers, you’ll want to set your print + cut area by adding a shape sized to 6.75″ by 9.25″ (the maximum print + cut area allowed).

Object Sizing

Height + Width

Before you adjust the size of your rectangle, make sure you click the lock icon above. to unlock the proportion setting so the height and width can be different.

Now you can enter 6.75 in the width,  and 9.25 in the height to set your space.

Upload Image

Selecting Images

Now you’re ready to add the design files.

Click Upload in the left sidebar, and you’ll see a screen to upload images or add images you’ve recently uploaded.

Click Upload Image to begin this step.

Select Files

Browse or Drop Images

To get your images into Design Space, you can either click the Browse button and locate the file on your computer, or drag and drop the file into this screen and click continue.

Set Image Type

Image Complexity

The next step for uploading your design files is to select the image type or complexity.

I typically select Complex for all designs as it gives you a better image to work with in Design Space.

Once you select your image type, click continue.

Remove Background

Click To Erase

In this step of the upload process, you can click on the background to remove it (if needed).

Click Apply & Continue.

Upload Type

Cut or Print Then Cut

The final step for uploading your design is to tell Cricut whether the image is a cut-only image (typically for cutting vinyl) or a print then cut image.

We’re printing the image, so select Print Then Cut, make sure the file name is correct, add any relevant tags and click upload.

Resize Image

Size It Just Right

Your image will now appear on your Canvas at it’s full size, which means you’ll need to set the exact size you want it to print.

Drag the corners to resize, or type the exact measurement into the height or width boxes – making sure the lock is closed to keep it proportional.

Move + Copy

Everything In Place

Click to move the image where you want it to be within your print + cut space.

Copy and paste the image to create multiples and fill the space available.

Page Layout

Arrange + Align

Select your images and use the Align tool to align their edges and space them out evenly.

Hover over the corner of the image to find a rotate tool and fit even more into your layout!

Attaching Images

Stay Together

Now that your images are how you want them within the print + cut space, you can hide the rectangle by clicking the eye icon next to it in the layers list.

Use your cursor to select all of the images, then click the attach icon in the bottom right corner.

Make It

Final Checks

Click the Make It button in the top right of your canvas screen, and you’ll be taken to a window with the mat showing.

If everything looks correct, click the continue button in the bottom right corner.

Send To Printer

Print then Cut

Click on the Send To Printer button unless you have already printed and are ready to cut.

To access the cut settings, click the “I’ve Already Printed” link on the right side of the window.

Print Setup

High Quality

Choose the printer you want the page to print from and select the number of copies you want to print.

If your image doesn’t have a white border, turn on the Add Bleed option. Click Print

Base Material

Material Knob

You’ll set the base material by turning the dial on your Cricut.

The material you select will vary based on the cut settings you create. Turn the knob to Custom in order to access custom cut settings.

Custom Cut Settings

Custom Materials

When the materials knob is turned to custom, this window will appear.

Click the Browse All Materials link on the right side of your window to access custom settings.

Material Settings

All Materials

From this list of all materials, you will click the Material Settings link on the bottom left.

Pressure + Multi-Cut

Custom Materials

In the custom materials window, click edit on the material you want to change. The materials at the top of the list correspond to the knob on the cricut.

Change the cut pressure, and if needed, the multi-cut number. Scroll to the bottom and click to save.

Cut Your Project

Load It Up

You’re ready to cut, so load your mat into your cricut!

Make sure you have the knob on your custom material, and press the flashing arrow to load your mat into the machine.

Once the Cricut button starts to flash, press it to begin the cut.

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