Vinyl Stickers

When making high quality stickers, you’ll want to use Oraguard 215 (matte or glossy) Vinyl Laminate to add a protective layer. Oraguard is water-proof, scratch-proof, and has a UV rating for 5+ years of outdoor use. 

We go a step further at Mouthy Broad and print with a waterproof eco-solvent pigment ink.


Felt Ruler

DIY Tool

After lots of experimentation, we realized the easiest tool for laminating is a ruler (ours are from Dollar Tree) with felt attached over one edge. We’ve used tape, super glue, and hot glue on these DIY tools– they all worked great.

Cut a strip of felt (Dollar Tree FTW!), attach to one side about halfway down, wrap the rest of the felt around the opposite side of the ruler. Turn the ruler over, and attach the remaining felt.

Mat Your Page

Line It up

Line your printed sticker page up on the mat, in the top left corner.

Make sure the long side of the paper is lined up right against the line on the mat.

Peel Backer

Unstick It

Next step is to peel back the top inch or so of the vinyl laminate backing.

Fold and crease the backing sheet so that there is uncovered vinyl ready to stick to your page.

Stick Vinyl

Stick It

Line up the top edge of your vinyl laminate, place one side down on the sticker paper and run your finger across to smooth the rest of the way across that page. 

Now you’ll need to turn your mat around facing away from you.

Push Ruler

Gently Slide

Place the ruler (with the felt side against the mat) against the vinyl laminate attached to the end of the paper closest to you.

Holding the folded backing paper with one hand, gently slide the ruler forward – sticking it to the rest of the sticker paper.

Smooth It

Go Easy

Take your time, slide the ruler over the vinyl laminate, sealing in your sticker page.

Run the felt side of the ruler over the now laminated sticker page a few times to smooth any marks.

Cut Your Project

Load It Up

You’re ready to cut, so load your mat into your cricut!

Make sure you have the knob on your custom material, and press the flashing arrow to load your mat into the machine.

Once the Cricut button starts to flash, press it to begin the cut.

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