Questions & Answers

Do you offer returns?

We do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final. If you receive an item with a manufacturing error, please email within 30 days of receipt.

Can I place a gift order?

You sure can! We hand write your message in a card with the order if you let us know it’s a gift.

Do you sell wholesale?

We offer wholesale through Faire – use our link to save $100 on your order and get a year of free shipping!

How much is shipping?

Sticker orders always ship free. We use calculated shipping rates on everything else, and offer free shipping on all purchases of $35 or more.

How soon will my order get here?

USPS First Class Mail typically takes 4-7 business days.

Could I have my order shipped quicker?

We do offer shipping upgrade options – you can view them during the order process and select your preference.

What if my order doesn’t show up?

If you think your order is lost in transit, just shoot us an email to

What is the difference between paper and vinyl stickers?

Vinyl  Stickers |  For the weirdos who get into shit. 


You’re built for adventure (or at least some really hard napping), and your stickers should be up for the challenge. Tougher than our paper pals, these 3” vinyls have 5+ years of sticking power. In other words: Once you slap them on your car, they stay there.


Waterproof. Scratch-proof. UV resistant.


And that little scroop of validation that you’re never alone in this fuckery known as life.


Perfect for: Water bottles, phone cases, cars, skateboards, arm casts, vapes, lamp posts & your Nana’s bible.


Paper  Stickers |  For the weirdos who love staying in.

You’re super into saving stickers, and your favorite places to put ‘em are somewhere safe. After agonizing over where the stickers “should” go, your journal beckons with a waggly finger, begging for a little razzle dazzle. (This is when we bust out jazz hands..)


Matte. Uncoated. 3” on the longest side.


And ready for whatever creativity you’re cooking up.


Perfect for: Planners, scrapbooks, journals, bulletin boards, fridges & hate mail to your mother in law.


P.S. Every single sticker is dreamed up, drawn, printed & packaged by actual human hands.

How thick are your magnets?

Decorative Magnets are 20 mil with a glossy finish. They are intended for indoor, decorative use only. They are not waterproof or UV resistant.


Car magnets are 30mil, with a waterproof glossy finish. Safe for outdoor use with a strong hold that will stay on a vehicle.

Do you have a size guide for the graphic tees?

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