Cheer For Your Own Damn SELF

Cheer For Your Own Damn Self

I am so fucking fabulous I can hardly BELIEVE it. The better I get, THE BETTER I GET. If ANYONE can be counted on to fucking SLAY, it’s ME.  I’m GOOD.  I’m KIND. I’m SASSY AF + I LIKE it. I’m a SEXY B + I KNOW it. I LOVE who I am + who […]

Nothing Stays Dark For Long

Keep your head fucking UP. You’re doing great. Even when you eye-roll life / work / relationships / THE UNIVERSE so hard it hurts. It’s ok if it hurts. Sometimes things are hard + that’s just what’s true for the moment. But know what ELSE is true? YOU ARE A MOTHER FUCKING RAINBOW UNICORN GODDESS […]

THANK YOU, You Mouthy Broad

Thank you for being such a fucking fantastic mouthy broad. Thank you for having a sharp tongue + a soft heart. Thank you for owning your voice + not being afraid to speak up + speak out. Thank you for going first + leading the charge. Thank you for having an opinion that does no […]

Your Brain Is Bodacious

Your mind is a fucking masterpiece.  You connect dots that read like scribbles to others when they’re actually the notes of a whole ass symphony.  Your imagination is a POWERHOUSE for good, creativity, justice, + world-shaping ideas. You believe in things that matter. You know there’s always a better way. You think in color + […]

Be Exactly Who You Are

You are so fucking fabulous. Every time they go right, you swerve left with a skip in your step + your middle finger held high. This is where you find your joy. Contrary because you just are. Different because it’s what feels good. Sometimes you’ve felt a cost to being exactly who you are. But […]

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