Love Letters For Mouthy Broads

You are so fucking fabulous. Every time they go right, you swerve left with a skip in your step + your middle finger held high.

This is where you find your joy. Contrary because you just are. Different because it’s what feels good.

Sometimes you’ve felt a cost to being exactly who you are. But the most beautiful thing about you is that it never stops you. You’re who you are on purpose + your boldness shines so bright it either lights their way or blinds them – their choice. You’ve already made yours.

True. Kind. Loud. Proud. 

We see you.

Your “younger you” is BEAMING that you’re becoming everything you ever wanted to be.

And future you – future you will blow your whole damn mind.

Here’s to you being true to you. Here’s to you being kind to you. Here’s to you being loud + proud of you.

Here’s to loving you for YOU.


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